And we danced…

“And we cried, and we laughed, and had a really really really good time.”

The other night* was nothing short of incredible. As I stood, sardined in a crowd of comforting strangers, I began to witness the hype beginning to boil amidst common conversation.

As screams reached new octaves and broke various sound barriers, there he was.

The vibe became electric and anything that had occupied my thoughts that day was wiped. All that mattered, all that was relevant, was that moment. I was captivated, entranced by this art.

There were times when he looked just as much in awe of us as we were of him.

Arms were raised, flowing, rising and falling in sync with the music.

I was alive, liberated, but most of all content.

I praise artists these days who can evoke such emotions, give such genuine performances whilst sounding exactly how they do on their record. This is the essence of live music. Not a hefty display pyrotechnics or acrobatics accompanied by 100 or so dancers that can do a cool spin on their heads. Of course all these aspects add to the scene but the balance is key. Of course the confetti falling from the sky during the closing number was magical. I reached up to welcome it with loving arms, scrunching  the small piece of paper it in my palm in hopes of preserving the memory deep in my mind.

His vast array of issues addressed in his songs make for a versatile concert. From pressing and political issues such as black rights, gay rights, consumerism, celebrity status and personal struggles to a song detailing his love for food and dancing, pretty well rounded wouldn’t you say?

As an avid writer, words are powerful.

So I thank you Macklemore. Thank you for being such an inspiring, creative, genuine human being, that made one young girl very happy indeed.


*Here I am referring to a time over about a year ago now. These were my thoughts I jotted down immediately after the night. Only now have I found the will to string them coherently together.

Dear Mr Music


Dear Mr Music, 
Thank you for being there when words do not suffice.

Thank you for helping me explain and understand my emotions.

Thank you for filling the void of silence.

Thank you for de-stressing my life.

Thank you for enabling the liberating motion of dance.

Thank you for your motivation and inspiration whilst exercising.

Thank you for providing an oasis of serenity throughout life.

Thank you for being a universal connector.

Thank you for being whatever I want you to be.

Thank you for giving me company through tiresome car journeys.

Thanks you Mr Music for your presence in this life ❤️