What I possess has power.

What I possess has power.

You’re greedy, selfish, heartless and cruel.

You are a murderer. My murderer.

Air engulfs my lungs and blood pumps through my veins, I have family to walk alongside and the need for food to keep me satisfied. I qualify, as do you, as a being with a right to tread this earth.

The thing is, you’ve already paved the way for my family’s’ demise. Immediate gratification and immense reward has bred a lineage of danger among your kind.

As our numbers dwindle yours increase. Soon, us, large, beautiful, solitary creatures will be eradicated under your name. And then? Another victim will be at the hands of your mercy until they too have perished.

Then life on this planet will be a reflection of how you’ve always treated it; a man’s world.

But looking into the eyes of my killer this connection is lost. They don’t acknowledge me as a fellow being with the same right to life. They don’t see what’s at stake if we are wiped from the face of the earth, their thoughts are clouded. Clouded by hopes and dreams.

Hope for comfort.

Hope for happiness.

Hope for a better life.

Hope for more than enough food to fill their hollow, shrivelled bellies.

Yes, you will kill me, but not out of spite, but because what I possess has power. The power to transform your life from impoverished to that of luxury.

So, take my horn along with my life, I hope you can justify the sacrifice was right.