This weekend I, along with two other girls, decided to venture to the beautiful city of Udaipur. It is known as the Venice of India and it’s easy to see why. The city surrounds a beautiful lake, with cobbled stone alleys lined with various clothing dangling from the walls. Scooters trail hot on your heels as you try to move out of the way of an on coming car that clearly cannot squeeze down this tight street. It felt like I was more in a European city in Italy or Rome rather than polluted, cow infested, dirt paved, India. 

Sipping coconuts by the lake:

The hostel we were staying at was so unique (Bunk yard hostel highly reccomend, only $7 a night!)There was a music genre allocated to every room. We stayed in the jazz room, so saxophones, old fashioned speakers and portraits of famous jazz artists decorated the room. There was a nice chill, backpacker feel to the place which was a nice change. The hostel was right in the thick of it all. Only minetes away from the cities most popular tourists attractions like the temple, city palace and many gats (small areas where you can sit by the lake). 

The beautiful stairwell inside the hostel:

After coming from working at the orphanage on Friday straight to Udaipur (a 7hr long car journey) we were pretty knackered so opted for sleep as oppose to mixing in with the clear socialising happening just outside our door. The next day it was up at a decent time, as we really only had one full day to spend here as we had to be back by Sunday evening. We visited the temple just down the road, wandered through stall after stall of the same things, visited the city palace (the grounds were beautiful but the palace itself was nothing too impressive just the same old story, looking around a royal families residence. It was also an extra few dollars to be allowed to take photos so don’t expect to see any!) Udaipur also seemed to be the most savvy when it comes to health foods and vegan places, of course I sniffed them out in a second, so that was another plus to the city!

Vegan pancakes in India whaaaat?:

The evening was the best part of the day. We booked a cruise around the lake for sunset. There is a fancy hotel acting as the centre piece of the lake and you can see the whole of the city from the lake as well as nice views of the palace (suck on that extra few dollars for pictures! Turns out their on my camera though woops) not to mention the sunset was magical from the boat. We were ocompanied by a local who was searching for his drone that had crashed somewhere in the lake, poor thing was searching for a while but don’t think he found it.

Oh hi there attractive low angle selfie:

During the following week after volunteering one of the other volunteers (also vegan) and I started working through the few vegan places Jaipur has to offer (which is 2 decent ones, Anokhi cafe and Tapri tea bar) which was delish! So nice to have some fresh veggies and raw deserts! Had missed it so much! Falafel pita pocket and a banana cheesecake sure put a smile on my dile. 

I mean:

My volunteering days in India are coming to a close and I am dreading the day I have to leave! I know it will break one girl in particular’s little heart. Super excited for some fresh air, sand and a beach though! Bali here I come!!!

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